Yo! Natalia Natchan here! Today, I've come to the "yume tairiku" in Odaiba! and I've got this girl with me! amina! It's perfect because the weather is pretty cool today but I'm sure it's usually super hot.

Here they have a one piece themed store! but i don't know anything about one piece.

you like one piece? I'm fine.

she's filming.


it's the box seat.

now we're gonna eat some granola! look! (granola curry??) thank you~ what is it? its good! hows the pancake? oh it's french toast its super good! but isn't the granola the best? for sure.

this is called the "snow garden" and inside this building.

there's real snow.

it's REAL but there's so many people.

so maybe not today.

isn't it crazy!? this is actually an original.

but I don't know anything about one piece T_T you can see everything from here~ you can see the statue of liberty.

so we're going home now~ I'm coming again next year! see you then!.

Source: Youtube