4 years Old Bella surprised the world – Speaks 7 languages

hello this is bella Isn't she just adorable? Okay, now Bella, show them what you are going to do and what languages you are going to do.


it didn't take me a long time Well, then how long did it take you? Okay, let's get into it.

Aw! That is adorable! Give it up for Bella! Her name is bella.

She is only four and she already speaks fluently in 7 different languages.

We have translators here to let you know what she is saying.

Bella, are you ready? Yes.

Come on! Hi! How are you? My name is Eli.

What's your name? My name is Bella.

Wow Bella, you're very beautiful today.

Are you looking for something? Yes.

What are you looking for? I'm looking for my present.


That's fantastic.

Well, I'll tell you what.

If you pass a little test, we can help you find your present.

Okay? Okay.

So over here we're gonna have a question for you.

Can you read the question? Which dinosaur has two rows of bony plates that run along its back and tail? Okay, so which dinosaur is it? Stegosaurus.

That's correct! Wonderful job, Bella! Okay, so now go over to the next language.

Hello! Hello! My name is Fang Fang.

What's your name? My name is Bella.


If you still want your present, you have to answer 3 questions.

Is that okay? Yes! First question, what do we use to see things? We use our eyes to see things.

Very good! Second question, what do we use to hear? We use our ears to hear.

Very good! Last question, what do we breathe with? We breathe with our lungs.

Very good! All the answers are right!.

Source: Youtube