‘American Idol’: Everything We Know About the New Season | Billboard News

'American Idol' is back on television March 11  and here is everything we know so far about the big reboot! There are three new judges! Pop queen Katy Perry, country superstar Luke Bryan and music legend Lionel Richie take their seats behind the iconic 'Idol' desk Along with getting new judges, the show will also receive a new set

The old 'Idol' staging was pretty straightforward, while the new set-up was teased here in a recent Twitter post There will be no more "bad" auditions Sorry for those who enjoyed the public humiliation of the lesser-aware 'Idol' wannabes, but the days of William Hung are (for better-or-worse) behind the show forever The show is now on ABC The series first premiered on Fox in 2002 and ran on the network until its cancellation two years ago

Country radio host Bobby Bones is joining the cast as a “mentor” Bones’ radio show 'The Bobby Bones Show' is broadcast to over 100 radio stations around the country, and he will be offering advice to the top 24 up-and-comers The signature contestant stories will stay Many fans' favorite portion of the show is the behind the scenes look at each contestant's personal life and upbringing The show is happy to announce those aren’t going anywhere, as previewed in a series of posts on 'Idol’'s Twitter

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