american idol try out

hi im katy and im patrisha and were from louisianna and were her today to audition for american idol our story started when we were very young and our parents were very poor and we they couldnt provide food or a hose for us so we were out on the streats trying to get money by playing our guytar of course we didnt get any but i thought we were realy good and we think we got the talent to win american idol hope you do to love you america ok ready patrisha 3,2,1.

oh yeah i love you american idol you are so hot and i love you and i love you i like grey uh and i think oh no uh i love america i love you to america ok our song is over no its still going ok yeah we are the amazing troop were gonna win americas heart and were gonna sing to love and i will sing in the heart technical difficulties ok wait.

Source: Youtube