Ben Briley

Ben Briley

Ben BrileyJohn Benjamin Briley (Born March 19, 1989, known as Ben Briley) is an American singer from Gallatin, Tennessee, who finished in 11th place on the thirteenth season of American Idol.

Personal life

Briley was born in Gallatin, Tennessee to John R. Briley and Tribby Graves. Briley has a large extended family – from his grandparents down, he has around one-hundred-and-twenty relatives. Music has been an important aspect of his family for several generations, especially on his mother’s side: his great-grandmother, Kitty Cora Cline, was one of the first female members of the Grand Ole Opry; her daughter, Gladys Cline Graves, wrote songs and poetry, but did not pursue a career, as she had eleven children and chose to focus on raising them instead; and from 1975 to 1985, Briley’s mother sang and played guitar on a morning T.V. show hosted by Ralph Emery.

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