How To Audition For American Idol Without Making A Fool Of Yourself

Want to find out if you've got what it takes to be the next American Idol, but don't want to end up on the gag reel? With a little planning, it's possible to strut your stuff without falling on your face.

Steps Before the Audition Before doing anything, tell your honest friends/family members that you're thinking of auditioning for American Idol.

Ask what they honestly think about your chances of making it.

Stress the word "honestly".

If they say yes, move onto the next step.

If they say no, you may not want to audition.

But, if you're determined and serious, the ultimate decision is yours.

Practice on your own.

Sing in your shower, your car, and in your bedroom so that you can practice.

Learn how to be able to tell if your own voice is on pitch.

Make a video of yourself singing so that you can see the weird little things you do when you sing, such as twitching, picking at your fingernails, tugging at your clothing, etc.

, and try to stop doing them when you're singing.

Even if your voice is great, you'll still look like a fool if you continuously tug at your earlobe or twist your hair.

Take voice lessons.

Ask your instructor if you have what it takes.

If he/she doesn't feel you're quite ready, work with him/her to strengthen your voice.

Continue to take lessons even as you audition.

Practice every day.

Practice singing in public.

Even if you're a good singer, stage fright can make a fool out of you! Diminish your fear of singing in public by going to a crowded karaoke bar and singing your little heart out! Choose a song that highlights your range, vocal ability and personality.

Ask your voice instructor, friends, family and karaoke bar patrons for song recommendations.

Once you've picked your song, learn all the words.

This can't be stressed enough! If you totally blank out on your lyrics when you're singing, you'll look stupid.

Practice makes perfect! There is no "make a miracle" way to prepare an audition.

If you are serious about this, start your preparation at least 6 months ahead.

The fact is, most good singers have worked consistently and vigorously for over many years to develop performance skills to a professional level.

At the Audition Dress reasonably normal.

Don't wear a costume, shiny jumpsuit, or something that you think is funny; Nobody loves to pick on people who wear odd things (ex.

Dressing up like the Statue of Liberty, a clown, or wearing a prom dress, or something too elaborate).

If you dress stupidly, the judges won't take you seriously.

Dress to impress, but not in a crazy way.

Make your outfit reflect your personality.

Jeans or slacks and a nice shirt/blouse is good if you're a casual person.

If you're a bit fancier, a nice sundress will suit you well.

Be yourself, but also be charming, sweet and above all, humble.

If you're super cocky and über-confident before you start to sing, if you totally blow the audition, the camera will want to capture your reaction even more than before.

Expect to be sent home with a thanks, but no thanks.

Be pleasantly surprised if you're not.

This keeps you humble.

However, don't totally underestimate yourself.

Don't ever think you might not have a chance because if you think that, then you won't.

When singing, be PASSIONATE! Even if you don't have a good voice, passion is also quite a huge thing Judges look for.

Love what you do.

If you love singing and are 100% dedicated to it, the Judges will know that.

Don't let your audition run too long! 30 to 60 seconds (About 2 lines of the sheet music) at most, or just a verse and a chorus.

It shows that you know that you're not the only person the judges will have to listen to and it also prevents them from having to tell you, "Alright, that's enough.

" If they cut you, try to avoid bursting into tears and telling the world that all your dreams have been shattered and your life is now meaningless.

It only serves to annoy the viewers, and makes you look like you don't have a life and you lack any serious ambition.

Tips Don't listen to a Discman, iPod, or an MP3 player while auditioning.

You will find it hard to hear yourself and will end up sounding ridiculous because of how much you are trying to sound like the artist of the song you are singing.

Don't choose a random song.

Choose one that reflects you.

The more emotion you put into your song, the more serious the judges will take you.

Unless you start sobbing in the middle of the performance, than you probably over did it.

Most importantly, don't do anything that would draw attention to yourself except have an amazing voice.

This way, if you get a no, you're less likely to appear on TV and be embarrassed.

The producers tend to cut the normal "no" auditions from the actual episode and keep the ones with the swearing, crying idiots in them.

If you want to save your dignity, act dignified.

However, if you're just in it for the 15 seconds of fame, then scream, wail, and flail your arms all over the place.

Make yourself a total laughing stock.

Don't sing songs that actually need the music to make it sound right.

Don't try and look cool.

Remember that girl that cupped her hand over her ear like people do at recording studios? I bet she thought that was super cool.

Boy, did Simon get a good laugh at her.

And so did the rest of the world.

The Judges usually look for people with good attitude, stage presence, and charisma.

Make all of these qualities shine! Besides, if you have a good voice, but a bad attitude, the judges may say yes, but when you get the the tougher rounds when the AUDIENCE votes, you won't have a good chance of winning.

Don't be insulted if they give you hard comments (especially if they come from Simon Cowell).

Take it as a lesson, work on what they told you to, and don't be afraid to ask what you can do better next time.

This will show that you are respectful and willing to learn.

Pick a song that is not commonly sang, it makes all the difference.

Be outgoing at the same time.

Don't make sound effects for your songs, whether that means bringing a kazoo with you or just making weird noises.

This turns off the judges.

The only sound effects you should bring are your instruments.

When we say instruments, we mean your guitar, not your flugelhorn.

What nobody tells you is that your stage presence is actually more important than your voice in the first few rounds for the producers.

If you aren't comfortable preforming for them, they will dismiss you without a second thought.

You don't need to choreograph your song, but stay loose and move a little bit.

Act like you belong there, singing.

Scooter girl was cute, but if you don't want to earn a dreadful life-long nickname, leave the props at home.

Don't wear a t-shirt with a slogan on it, especially one that says, "I'm the next American Idol".

Never, never, include funny voices, spoken words or complicated dance moves in your audition.

Sing your heart out! If your singing a soft song, close your eyes and block out the crowds.

Sing a pop, rock, or country song.

If you're going to sing hip hop, rap, or opera, you'd best stay home if you don't want to be laughed at by 35 million people.

Let's face it, they are great genres, but the people who watch this are more often then not, into mainstream music.

Don't try to be sexy.

Bikini girl did fairly well, but face it, her calling was more of a porn star then an American Idol anyway.

Don't be sticky, kooky or just plain insane.

Showcase your beautiful voice, but keep the voices in your head quiet.

Warnings Be true to yourself and sing like you and express who you are! Don't let anyone ruin your self – esteem! If you ignore all these tips above, be prepared to be called one of the craziest and possibly worst singers out there.

But who knows, you could be one of the weirdos who make the first few episodes of American Idol so darn funny! Related wikiHows How to Be an American Idol Judge at Home How to Audition for a Musical How to Learn to Sing Pop Without Getting a Teacher How to Yodel How to Sing High Notes How to Trill When Singing How to Prepare for American Idol Auditions How to Bet on American Idol Sources and Citations Audition and application information.

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