Sundance Head

Sundance Head

Sundance HeadSundance Head Biography:

The son of singer Roy Head, 28 year-old Sundance Head is also trying to make his name known in the music world by auditioning for season 6 of American Idol . Sundance went from his home in Porter, Texas to Memphis to show the American Idol judges what he’s got. Despite a not-so stellar performance during the last week in the Hollywood round, Sundance was chosen to move forward in the competition, becoming one of the 24 semifinalists. Inclined towards rock music, Sundance is well-skilled in several instruments such as the guitar, bass guitar and piano. He is also a songwriter. His hobbies include hunting and fishing. His father’s successful career in the music industry is what motivates Sundance in achieving the same for himself. He has a four month-old son named Levi Aron. His favorite artists include Bono/U2, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin, and of course, his own father.

Despite his efforts to woo the crowd on the sixth season of American Idol, Sundance Head was eliminated one week before the finals.  On the other hand, life after the competitive reality series proved to be sweeter as Sundance Head became the first American Idol contestant to score major label deals without reaching the Top 12, besides Mario Varquez, who chose to drop out of Idol just prior to the season 4 finals, and novelty act William Hung.

Sundance Head is now working with American Idol’s Sabrina Sloan , who both have signed a recording contract with Universal Motown for a CD of duets.

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